“The best therapy is talking to someone who understands your fears, anxiety and your whole life changing.”

Living with the life long side effects of brain tumour treatment (balance issues, hearing loss, tinnitus, headaches…) is extremely challenging.

Your donations enable The Beyond Recovery Project to organise events for brain tumour survivors so they can come together with others who have been through the same experience.

Harnessing the often underestimated healing power of nature, many of our activities take place outdoors and include Forest Days, Mountain Days, Walk & Talk Days and Holistic Retreats.

Returning to work after a brain tumour can be difficult. Sometimes, it even calls for a change of direction. One aim of The Beyond Recovery Project is to provide training and support through workshops covering everything from learning first aid, to sleep counselling.

In June 2024, the Beyond Recovery project will be taking a small group of brain tumour survivors to the Atlas mountains in Morocco to climb Mt. Toubkal, the highest mountain in North Africa. This amazing adventure will enable them to experience what it’s like to overcome the mental and physical challenges that life has thrown their way.

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